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Business Consulting

Whether you are establishing a new business, continuing to build an endeavor, or selling your life's work, we will assist you the entire way to not only achieve your business goals, but ensure that those goals are fully integrated with both your financial and estate plan.


We will work with you and your tax professional to ensure that your ownership is structured appropriately, not only for how you'd like to operate, but for the eventual sale or transfer of ownership.

Buy/Sell Agreements
& Funding

In conjunction with your attorney, we will help you construct your buy/sell or cross-purchase agreements, as well as fund them appropriately.

Retirement Plans

We work with you on the design and implementation of qualified retirement plans. Depending on your needs, solutions may be 401(k)s, Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, and other plan structures. 

Budgeting & Financial Statement Consulting

With two former CPAs on staff, we have the ability to not only help you construct a three statement financial plan and budget, but to analyze various strategies and objectives, as well as analyze the results, helping you to build on your businesses strengths, and correct any weaknesses.


Risk mitigation is a big part of owning and operating a business, including the risk of becoming unable to perform your duties.  We will help you analyze your specific risk, and look across our insurance carriers and their capabilities to match your needs with an appropriate disability insurance policy.


Working with your valuation consultants, we will help ensure that the value of your business is considered in your financial planning and estate planning, as well as in any financial transaction under consideration.

Business Succession Planning

Depending on your business, as well as your specific financial and estate planning goals, we will help you identify all of the business succession avenues available to you, analyze the pros and cons, and eventually help you structure the best transaction that serves your needs.

Pre- and Post-Transaction Planning

In the most collaborative step, we will work with your tax professional, your estate planning attorney, and your transaction and valuation professionals to ensure that you have the correct estate planning vehicles in place, and that your financial and estate plans accurately reflect the specifics of your intended transaction.  Simultaneously, we will work with you to be sure you and your family understand how your lives may change after a transaction has been completed.

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